Friday, 15 February 2013

Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter! Whoa.

Hey all! I'm temporarily back.
Just to post up this little cutie.
Here's IBRS, a WonFes exclusive! It costed a fortune out of my wallet, and now it's crying ;w;
IBRS well, she's from the TV anime series called Black Rock Shooter.

Well, here I go.
Derp stare?


IBRS's box looks pretty cool in that dark design.
Her upper and lower flips have a slightly different design than the usual Nendoroid boxes.

Front view.
Bottom and right side of the box.
Back, left and lower side of the box, sorry, I forgot the top. orz.
The box uses the newer designs, like all the newer ones do. No more side frames anymore.
Aaaand here are her contents. Pretty full of hands, eh?

For me, it's pretty sweet. She doesn't have a change of legs. KIND of disappointed, but until I found that...

Let's dance...

Her legs are kinda super moveable! Only her legs though. A few parts are removeable like the crown and mini shoulder armour piece. The crown is rubbery, so you don't have to worry much on scratching IBRS's hair piece.

Now onto her weapons.

Those sexy stuff. I love the chains, strangely I can't put it through her hand even though I followed the manual. I like the weapons, especially the lance, but it takes up so much space...

Yo, let's break dance!
Fly high!
Well, overall she's fun. She only has two faceplates though. I don't have much comments because she's not too flexible. I can't really make many poses for her. :/
But it's a must buy if you see it anywhere. Though all Nendoroids have their own speciality.
You shouldn't buy this if you don't think it's worth it, after all, it's a WonFes exclusive, so it'll be really costly.

Thanks for viewing!

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